Home Painter in Athens – Free Quote from 2€/sq.

Home Painter in Athens – Free Quote from 2€/sq.

Home Painter in Athens – Free Quote from 2€/sq.


Our company undertakes house painting for the last 15 years with fully satisfied customers throughout Attica. Our painters’ experience along with our prices (starting from 1.3 € / sq.m.) give us the
advantage of both quality and price.

From the preparation of the space to the selection of the equipment, we ensure that the work will be completed correctly respecting your demands and wishes to the fullest.One of the fastest and most effective ways to personalize your space is color! Bright, calm, cheerful, elegant – whatever your mood, personality or taste, there is definitely a color that suits you!

Choosing the right shade will make your space more personal, reflecting who you are and making you feel even more comfortable spending time in it.

Our house painters can bring your dream home to life!


Home Painter in Athens – Services we provide

 Oil painting
 Glossy porcelain
 Color freshening
 Public spaces
 Building facades
 Uncovered spaces

Kotelis Home Painters uses high quality ecological paints and the best equipment available in order for the customers to be satisfied and to feel that their requests have been heard.
The sooner you contact us, the faster you will get the house you want!

We also use ecological colors. Unlike conventional paints, ecological ones do not contain volatile organic substances, due to which, strong odors emerge after painting the walls.

These substances are harmful not only to your health, causing dizziness and headaches, but also to the environment, as they enhance the greenhouse effect. Of course, eco-friendly paints are more expensive than conventional ones, but they are considered as a good investment as long as they benefit both your health and the environment.

If, however, you prefer an intermediate solution, our house painters may suggest you paints with a relatively low percentage in volatile compounds.

In addition, plastic and acrylic paints are considered less harmful to the environment than
oil paints.

The ideal colors for every space Our experienced painters can offer you their advice over which color best suits the space
you wish to paint. A poor choice of color can completely ruin your space, so we make sure to give you the right guidance to choose the perfect one.

Living room: It’s the space where you spend most of your time and welcome your friends. For this room we suggest shades of white, beige or even chocolate, if you are brave enough!

Home Painter in AthensHome Painter in Athens – Kitchen:

The kitchen should give off warmth and cleanliness. That’s why, light gray and beige are considered ideal colors, as they are less likely to get dirty easily. Of course, you
can also play with shades of green.

Home Painter in AthensHome Painter in Athens – Bedroom:

Rest is what is required from a bedroom. If you have a special taste, blue-gray is a color tone that will make a difference. If you prefer simple and classic options, ice white and beige will give a warm and relaxing atmosphere to your personal space.

Bathroom: You may spend relatively limited time in the bathroom, however its organization should interest you the same as any other space. A gray-beige color is ideal, as it can be combined with a wide variety of colors and tiles!

Home Painter in AthensHome Painter in Athens – Preparing the space

If you are wondering about the painting process, our experts can answer any question you may have. To prepare the space, it is necessary to cover furniture and other items with nylon, in
order to protect them from dust and/or paint. Next, we carefully cover the frames of sockets, doors and windows with paper tape, so that the paint doesn’t ruin them. We also check that the surfaces to be painted are smooth and, if we encounter rough, swollen or cracked spots, we rub them thoroughly with sandpaper or a spatula until we reach the desired result.

Last but not least, we prepare the brushes and rollers and the painting begins!

You may combine your house painting with a FREE fireplace and chimney cleaning.
An offer from CK Service, our own personal 2nd company! Book your appointment now!